XINYUN wood forest certification
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Forestry and related wood products enterprises in the hope of the future?
In recent years, forest certification is more and more people understand and know, sustainable forest management certification is a kind of using the tools of market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management, it is referred to as "the forest certification, wood certification or generally referred to as the certification. Forest certification includes two basic content, namely, forest management certification and chain of custody certification. Forest management certification is based on the formulated a series of principles, criteria and indicators, and accepted procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions of forest certification business performance, and chain of custody certification is for wood processing enterprises at each link of production, transportation, processing, circulation from the log the whole chain of authentication until the final consumer. Forest certification is conducted by an independent third party, its purpose is to ensure the forest certification ?
Forest certification is the main purpose of a raise the level of forest management, forest sustainable management; Second, through the forest certification, can stable forest products existing markets, and promote its into new markets. Forest certification can also promote the related to forest certification of all rights and interests of parties involved in forest conservation and sustainable forest management, promote the commercialization of the forest service, helps to obtain financial support, reduce the investment risk, strengthen the implementation of laws and regulations, etc.
So far, the world has a variety of forest certification system, under the different system its certification program is not exactly the same, but the main steps are the same, namely, application, inspection (or audit), make a decision and issue the certificate.
As a forest certification at present there are two main in the global system, namely the FSC and PEFC.

FSC forest stewardship council, is a non-profit international organization, based in Bonn, Germany. The FSC's goal is to promote forest certification, promote global responsible forestry management. FSC forest certification system is currently one of the two global certification system, the earliest activities to develop forest certification, it gets the buyer support group and global forest and trade network, has a reliable market foundation. Certification in the forest, accounting for 23%, at present, about 60 countries of the world's 60 million hectares of forest by the FSC forest certification. China has 430000 hectares of forest by the FSC forest certification.
PEFC pan-european forest certification system, is one of the private master Lin advocated by the European certification system, according to the PEFC the technical file: common elements and requirements to recognised European national certification system and mutual recognition framework, and provide product marks. At present most forest certification in the world. PEFC certification system is currently the only regional accreditation system is working in the world, at present in the world's largest certification product market, Europe has a good foundation. At present, the certification in the forest, the PEFC accounted for 38%.
China since the early ninety s participation in international activities about sustainable forest management, which has a small forest farm through the forest certification, so far there have been about 150 passed the regulatory ? production and trade-based wood products enterprises
Recently, nearly 50 of XINYUN wood, wood products companies and APP, UPM paper giants such as FSC/PEFC certified consulting services, for the circulation of products of these enterprises to enter international market and national big buyers of stores have laid a solid foundation!

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