Our company Zhejiang Xin Yun Wood Industry Group Co. Ltd founded in 1985 ,is one of the eldest wooden toys manufacturers in china. We located in China ` s Wooden Toys City in Yunhe county, Zhejiang province and specializes in manufacturing and exporting wooden toys and other wooden items.  
Over past more than twenty years development, our company now encompasses 120,000 s.q.mters for production, 1,800 s.q.meters for general administration and 9,000 s. q. meters for storing facilityes. We have about 4,000 employeers including more than 3,000 worders and 300 technology and managment person. Our products cover more than a thousand kinds of safe and nontoxic wooden toys and games, which suit for adults and childen in different ages. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and areas in Europe and United States . Many worldwide big supplier mark and special wooden toys customers are corparating with us, such as Walmart 、 Thomas and Hasbro in American, Tchibo in German and Brio in Sweden. We already have IMP&EXP right and have annual export turnover is USD 20,000,000.
We have a strong and big technology team with rich experience and powerful production ability. We have more than twenty years experience in OEM orders. So we could produce your own product to your design excellently. According to the demand of ISO9001,our workers strickly controll the quality of the product. We successfully got the certificate of ISO 9001 in 2001 and promise our product could pass EN-71 Europe international test standard.  
Hardworing, Thrifty, Creativity, Honesty and Quanlity is the spirit of the company, all of the Xinyun people will follow this culture to welcome more and more friend.

Xinyun IS
-- the LEADER of wooden toy manufactures in China
-- the BIGGEST wooden toy manufactory in China
-- the ONLY one who has the full physical and chemical examination laboratory in China

Xinyun HAS
-- 58,000 sq.m. of building area in a 120,000 sq.m lot
-- employees near 4,000, including more than 300 technicians and management
-- annual output value of US$45 million
-- machine and equipment more than 2,000 sets
-- ability to complete a whole process from design to producing to test

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