ACOOLTOY, an established name in toys in North America, is one of the leaders in market share growth in recent years. With emphasis on safety, entertainment and cultural relevance, ACOOLTOY delivers educational value and intellectual development while at the same time offering fun and fostering creativity and imagination. In order to ensure product quality and safety, ACOOLTOY applies a rigorous certification process to not only its manufacturers, but the entire production chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to distribution to the market. ACOOLTOY’s management, product designers and marketing experts are all internationally-renowned professionals. With nearly one hundred years of combined experience, they strive for the most efficient production practices and work under the principle of delivering happiness and stimulating childhood development, all while putting the child’s safety at the very top.

Every measurement of an ACOOLTOY product is exac tly specified, every corner finely smoothed and polished. Professionalism and dedication to its products is what sets ACOOLTOY apart in the market. Together, we strive to make ACOOLTOY a trusted brand, the go-to name that our users look for. In recent years, ACOOLTOY, having received many honors in the North American market, officially entered the world's most promising emerging market—China; and with the cooperation of Chinese wooden toy enterprise Zhejiang Xinyun Wood Industry Group, the new cloud's son The company Yi Trading Company credentials agent. ACOOLTOY brings together traditional and modern; education and entertainment; heritage and innovation to the vast land that is China, satisfying Chinese parents’ expectations of their children to get ahead.

Xinyun Wood Industry Group is China’s leader in the wooden toy industry, but also is the manufacturer for many well-known international toy brands. It has extensive manufacturing experience, especially in strict quality con trol, having invested millions of dollars to introduce advanced foreign physical and chemical detection equipment and facilities. Xinyun is the only toy manufacturer in China with independent comprehensive physical and chemical testing of its products. This fully ensures the safety of its products. Yi Cheng Trading, as the company's sales division, has a full range of sales channels, including online sales and physical operations. ACOOLTOY is solely responsible for sales promotions within China.

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